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About Us

‘There’s nothing a pair of leggings can’t fix’.

Leggings for All started with a simple idea of offering women a comfortable and go-to piece of clothing for their everyday wear. While online stores have plenty of different style tops and accessories available, they lack unique bottoms.

We offer a range of leggings and stylish bottoms that give every woman the chance to express her desire through fashion. From the classic black to funky prints, stylish palazzos and dhoti pants, we have the staples of your wardrobe covered. We have them in bold blooms, dainty florals, flamboyant colours, irresistible pastels and bright hues.

If you’re in a casual mood, you can pair it with a chic top while if you’re feeling a bit ethnic; a kurta to go with it works well too. The best part of stocking up your wardrobe with leggings is that they are extremely versatile.

Our leggings are made from 100% export quality cotton and polyester-lycra. They are soft, comfortable and breathable and are shapewear designed to have you looking and feeling your best.

We are your one-stop shop for leggings in all colours, styles and patterns.

Happy legging shopping!